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Monique D. Lewis, PhD

Psychology Fellow
Specialty Population(s): Children and Adolescents
Specialty Area(s): Psychoeducational and Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations, School-based Therapy, Substance Abuse Treatment

Dr. Lewis is currently completing her postdoctoral fellowship with a certification in the District of Columbia. She earned a doctorate in School Psychology from Howard University. Dr. Lewis completed her predoctoral internship with the District of Columbia Public Schools in Washington, DC. In addition, Dr. Lewis externed in the Neuropsychology and Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders clinics at Children’s National Medical Center in Rockville, Maryland. She has years of experience in the District of Columbia Public Schools and Public Charter Schools, conducting school language, literacy, mathematics, and readiness assessments. She also has experience with administering comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations and providing school-based therapy.

Her research interests include examining child social-psychological behaviors (i.e., anxiety), parent-child peer relationships, and gender differences among middle childhood. Currently, Dr. Lewis is completing a clinical psychology postdoctoral fellowship with The Mecca Group, LLC in the District of Columbia. In addition to her clinical work and research, Dr. Lewis has a passion and interest for providing education and consultation about mental health disorders awareness to children and families.