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Diagnostic Assessment

The MECCA Group provides a comprehensive array of assessment services to address questions concerning learning, emotional, behavioral, attention, processing, language, sensory integration, and visual-motor integration deficits.


Evaluation to explore cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral functioning to understand personality and behavior.


Evaluation to explore cognitive functioning as well as basic academic functioning in reading, writing, and mathematic to assist in determining academic strength and weakness and deficits that may impede academic progress and performance.

Comprehensive Psychological

Evaluation to explore cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional functioning to provide a comprehensive picture of current functioning.


Evaluation to explore cognitive, sensorimotor, behavioral, linguistic, memory, perception, and executive functioning to assess processing deficits that can be associated with cognitive, attention, and learning deficits.


Evaluation to explore mental processes, including memory, problem solving, decision-making, learning and attention, which is also referred to as intelligence.


Evaluation to explore basic academic functioning in reading, writing, and mathematics.


Evaluation to explore a child’s development in the areas of cognitive, communication, motor, adaptive, and social skills, as they compare to the development of all other children at that age.


Evaluation to explore attention and impulse control, includes computerized test of attention.


Evaluation of cognitive functioning (IQ) which is used as a part of the admissions process for private and independent schools.

Functional Behavior Assessment

Evaluation to explore the underlying function or purpose of a behavior to develop an effective intervention plan.

Speech Language

Evaluation to explore articulation, language, expressive and receptive language, fluency, and oral motor skills.


Evaluation to explore visual-motor integration and perception, motor planning, sensory processing, and self regulation.


Evaluation to explore work readiness and vocational interest.