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Sha’Nai K. Hairston, MA, CAS

School Psychologist
Specialty Population(s): Children and Adolescents
Specialty Area(s): Psychoeducational and Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations, School-based Therapy

Sha’Nai Hairston is currently a school psychologist with certifications in Maryland and the District of Columbia (DC).

Sha’Nai earned an Education Specialist degree in the areas of School Psychology at Bowie State University after she completed an internship in Prince George’s County Public School district. She has years of experience practicing as a school psychologist in the District of Columbia Public Charter Schools, where she assessed students’ cognitive abilities, academic functioning, behavior, and social-emotional functioning, in addition to conducting behavior assessments and devising behavior plans. Currently, she is pursuing a doctoral degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to provide extensive behavior support and family education within the school-based community. Currently, Sha’Nai is based at the MECCA Group, LLC, while practicing school-based services across multiple Public Charter Schools in DC.

Ms. Sha’Nai has specific interests and specialties in assessment and evaluation, in addition to working with children and adolescents with emotional and behavior disabilities. Her main area of interest is focused on supporting students’ emotional and behavioral needs with the use of mindfulness and a cognitive behavior therapy approach to achieve academic success in urban school settings.