The MECCA Group’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The MECCA Group considers the health, safety, and wellbeing of our clients, staff and community to be of utmost importance. In keeping with the recommendations for social distancing, we have closed our office and all in-person appointments are canceled. Though we are not able to see any clients in person at this time, we will continue seeing existing patients and new patients virtually through telehealth.

We understand that for many in our communities, the current Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) outbreak is taking a mental toll, especially for those who may have pre-existing mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression and triggering increased feelings and emotions. For many, there is uncertainty as to how to cope with or manage these feelings.

With each of you in mind, The MECCA Group will continue to offer all therapeutic services utilizing telehealth technology to ensure continuity of care for our current clients and to provide access to mental health care to others who may need it.

Telehealth is a great and safe option that utilizes online video conferencing technology (similar to Skye, FaceTime, and Zoom), which enables our team of experienced mental health professionals the ability to provide therapeutic services while maintaining their and our clients safety during this pandemic.

The MECCA Group recognizes that we are in unprecedented times. The need for quality mental healthcare is not only necessary, it is imperative! The MECCA Group has provided quality mental healthcare for over 14 years and is proud to continue to provide that very same quality care to our community during this time of crisis.

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