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O’Shan D. Gadsden, PhD

Interim School-Based Program Manager
Psychology Associate
Specialty Population(s): Black Males, Couples
Specialty Area(s): Identity Issues, Relational Issues/Conflicts, Depression, & Deep Insight Oriented Therapy

Dr. Gadsden is a registered psychology associate in Washington DC. Dr. Gadsden is a culturally competent insight-oriented psychotherapist with over 17 years of experience in providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2012 from Howard University after completing an APA accredited internship at the University of Delaware; and subsequent Post-Doctoral Fellowship at JFK Behavioral Health Center in Philadelphia, PA. He previously earned his master’s degree in 2005 from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Gadsden is currently a psychoanalytic candidate at the Object Relations Institute in NYC.

Dr. Gadsden’s practice focuses on males, adults, families, and couples. His work with patients is centered on understanding how unresolved issues impede a deeper knowing of the self, creativity, and authentic living. His diverse career and training include over 15 years in academia, teaching and training both master’s level and doctoral level students, and conducting research and producing scholarship focused on masculinity and emotional intimacy. Dr. Gadsden is committed to assisting the awakening of the sleeping phoenix within you!