Our Services
The MECCA Group is comprised of a multiethnic team of psychological and clinical professionals who provide comprehensive services for youth, adults, and families in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our mission is to improve the emotional well-being of these individuals by providing client-focused and culturally-relevant therapy, comprehensive testing and vocational services as well as by providing program development, consultation, and staff / parent trainings.

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I. Therapy Services

The MECCA Group provides a variety of therapeutic services to address the needs of our clients. 

Psychotherapy Talk therapy to support socio-emotional growth and development for individuals, groups, families, and couples.
Behavior Support/Therapy Therapy based in scientifically established principles and techniques, such as applied behavioral analysis and behavior modification to address behaviors targeted for change.

II. Diagnostic Assessment Services

The MECCA Group provides a comprehensive array of assessment services to address questions concerning learning, emotional, behavioral, attention, processing, language, sensory integration,  and visual-motor integration deficits.

Psychological/Clinical Evaluation to explore cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral functioning to understand personality and behavior.
Psycho-educational Evaluation to explore cognitive functioning as well as basic academic functioning in reading, writing, and mathematic to assist in determining academic strength and weakness and deficits that may impede academic progress and performance.
Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation to explore cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional functioning to provide a comprehensive picture of current functioning.
Neuropsychological Evaluation to explore cognitive, sensorimotor, behavioral, linguistic, memory, perception, and executive functioning to assess processing deficits that can be associated with cognitive, attention, and learning deficits.
Cognitive Evaluation to explore mental processes, including memory, problem solving, decision-making, learning and attention, which is also referred to as intelligence.
Educational Evaluation to explore basic academic functioning in reading, writing, and mathematics.
Developmental Evaluation to explore a child’s development in the areas of cognitive, communication, motor, adaptive, and social skills, as they compare to the development of all other children at that age.
Attention Evaluation to explore attention and impulse control, includes computerized test of attention.
Admissions Evaluation of cognitive functioning (IQ) which is used as a part of the admissions process for private and independent schools.
FBA Evaluation to explore the underlying function or purpose of a behavior, so that an effective intervention plan can be developed.
Speech Language Evaluation to explore articulation, language, expressive and receptive language, fluency, and oral motor skills.
Occupational Evaluation to explore visual-motor integration and perception, motor planning, sensory processing, and self regulation.
Vocational Evaluation to explore work readiness and vocational interest.

III. Behavior Management Services

The MECCA Group offers behavioral management services and consultation to assist families who are struggling with decreasing and controlling negative or problem behaviors including defiance, aggression, toileting issues, amongst others.

IV. School-Based Services

The MECCA Group offers a comprehensive array of services to Charter School communities to assist in servicing their students with special education needs and IEP’s as well as to assist with meeting the professional development of their staff and administration.

Evaluation Services include cognitive, educational, socio-emotional (clinical), neuropsychological, speech-language, occupational, vocational, ADHD, functional behavioral assessment and behavior intervention plan (FBA/BIP), among others.
Therapy Services include individual and group, therapy rendered by licensed and/or certified psychologists, social workers, counselors, school psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists.
Professional Development , Training, and Consultation Topics include but are not limited to behavior modification, learning disabilities, child and adolescent development, anger management, bullying, attention deficit disorders, classroom management, and mood disorders.
Behavior Specific Programming Services include individual and school-wide behavior modification and management programs.
Compensatory Education Education programming in reading, writing and mathematics by certified teachers and special education teachers.
Spanish Services Spanish services by fully bilingual clinicians for therapy and evaluation services.
Special Education Compliance Services include file audit and review, report, and updating of paper and SEDS files/records.

V. Trainings/Workshops

The MECCA Group offers a wide array of workshops and trainings to address professional and individual educational and development needs. We will also tailor workshops to address the needs of our clients. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Behavioral Management
  • Special Education/IDEA
  • Assessment
  • Parenting Education

VI. Consultation Services

The MECCA Group provides consultation services to assist in program and educational planning and development.
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