Our Team

Richard L. Griffith, PhD

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Specialty Population(s): Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, and Adults
  • Specialty Area(s): Anxiety, Relationship/Marital Discord, Mood and Emotional Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations.
Richard Griffith, PhD is licensed as a clinical psychologist in both the District of Columbia and Virginia. He received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Howard University in 2010 where his training and research focused on the impact psychological factors have on physiological health and functioning.  He completed his clinical internship at Florida International University Counseling Center where he provided psychotherapy and psychological assessment to adolescents and adults presenting with a vast array of psychopathology. 
Dr. Griffith’s professional experience includes but is not limited to, the administration of comprehensive psychological assessment, school-based intellectual and academic assessment, crisis intervention, individual and group psychotherapy, marital and/or couples therapy, and program development focused on decreasing barriers preventing men from utilizing psychotherapeutic services. He has provided services in the following settings: DC Public Charter Schools, university counseling centers, hospitals, substance abuse clinics, forensic settings, and outpatient medical clinics. Dr. Griffith has a passion for working with patients from diverse backgrounds and has a particular interest in helping men become more comfortable seeking and engaging in the process of psychotherapy. Dr. Griffith uses both psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral techniques in his approach to psychotherapy.

Dr. Griffith’s areas of clinical interest include anxiety, relationship/marital discord, mood and emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and high functioning autism spectrum disorder.  He has 11-years of experience working as a psychologist in the District of Columbia Public Charter School system. He conducts behavioral counseling and crisis intervention for special education students with individualized education programs (IEP). Dr. Griffith conducts comprehensive psychological and academic assessments on students for the purposes of determining accelerated learning placement, special education eligibility, clinical diagnosis, and/or individualized learning style assessment. Dr. Griffith incorporates his understanding of the individual differences of clients he serves, and strives to help clients identify their unique strengths to promote positive change in all aspects of their life.
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